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Dear Fellow Health Seekers,

Loretta Crosby, EditorAs Editor/Publisher of, I am constantly looking for natural nutritional supplements to use in my own life, as well as to share with health conscious readers of my monthly online Healthy Servings newsletter.

I was first introduced to Matol’s flagship product, KM, more than a decade ago, and only got a chance to use it maybe one or two months then, before heading overseas to do volunteer work for a religious organization.

After serving my Faith in Israel (Middle East) and Ghana (West Africa) for 63 months, collectively, I returned to the States in 2000, primarily to have a surgical operation.

Using diet and nutrition to ward off chronic and degenerative diseases has always appealed to me, especially since traditional pharmaceutical drugs have always wreaked havoc on my system.

So … approaching middle-age, in 2003, I began taking vitamins and nutritional supplements again to help me regain energy and stamina, and frankly, to elevate my mood which had become increasingly despondent. I was experiencing chronic mild depression, a condition that is common among those who go off to serve their Faith in distant lands and then return to the materialistic environment so prominent here in the West.

As fate would have it, I attended a women’s seminar in the Atlanta area, and there was a nutritionist there who recommended a supplements’ company which she felt offered exceptional products for colon health, as well as liquid daily vitamin supplementation and a liquid tonic for general well being.

The three products I tried turned out to be a God-send, and gave me tremendous energy, mind power and an overall sense of well-being. In fact, after starting the products, I had so much energy each night after getting off from my 9-5 J.O.B. that I decided I had to tell others about these products. To make a long story short, I built my first informational website from scratch which was the predecessor of

Recently, I came across the KM Matol’s website while doing some research online, and it instantly reminded me of just how good I had felt 10 years ago after taking that potassium mineral supplement for only two months, so I immediately signed up to become a distributor (so that I could save a little money as I got started back on the one product which had left such a profound impression on me!)

Friends, this is my Matol distributor website and store, so I won’t be able to keep you updated on my progress here, but if you join my natural-nutrition newsletter (see below) I’ll plan to post updates on my results there.

In the meantime I invite you to try the products for yourself because just reading about my success or the success that others have had with KM will not help you improve your own health in the least.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee, for customers, so there really is no risk to you to try this product on for size.

So, let me ask you again…

Are you are tired? Do you need more energy? Are you stressed out, or dealing with other health challenges?

Is so, grab a bottle of that KM to begin rebuilding your cells and immune system today.

If you join my natural nutrition newsletter which I have just launched, I’ll keep you posted on tips to help you move towards a natural living foods and raw diet lifestyle.

As I’ve grown older and become more involved in recalling health to my body, I’ve come to realize that the natural lifestyle is indeed the best way to go. It’s the way to create optimal health that will not only make you feel and look younger and more vibrant, but will help you grow old gracefully without all the degenerative and chronic diseases that have become synonymous with our way of life.

No, I don’t want to live forever—though there is the anti-aging thyme herb in KM—but I do want to forever live in health. For longevity without health really has no appeal to me.

Remember, if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep seeing the results that you have been seeing. Why not break the cycle and try a bottle of KM today—totally Risk Free.

Dear Friend, the bounty of good health is the greatest gift. Let’s help each other stay healthy. Email me with your successes and challenges. I’d love to hear from you.

Your Partner N Health,

Loretta Crosby

Matol Distributor &


PS—Are you interested in joining me as I wean myself from a semi-red meat/high sugar intake lifestyle to a more raw foods and natural one? Then grab my natural nutrition and supplements newsletter at 

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